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Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

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Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 : Offers a totally natural treatment, based on the performance of Kegel exercises, developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, which are a series of vaginal contractions and relaxations that strengthen the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle and pelvic floor muscle group through a gradual increase in weights. Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 is the only treatment that can specifically strengthen the group of pelvic floor muscles. This is achieved through the action of these muscles that are in the vagina, urethra and rectum. Diagram of the item, and areas of note: Front: Slim, soft and fine for easy insertion Centre: Adapts to the vaginal wall without causing any internal friction. Rear: At an angle, so that it is comfortable when muscles are contracted. Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 is coated with high quality silicone, and is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and very soft to the touch. Intimichic Pelvis Health I is the best pelvic floor trainer available, with an ergonomic design tailored to the needs of each woman. Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 increases the stimulation of the blood flow, a factor that tones the internal muscles. HOW IS IT USED? Intimichic Pelvis Health I 2.0 Physical Therapy for the pelvic floor The Intimichic Pelvis Health I natural treatment is based on exercises aimed at improving elasticity and muscle strength, increasing urethral closure and prevention of urine leakage. It consists of increasing pelvic muscle tone. With Intimichic Pelvis Health I you only need 15-20 min per day and in the space of 1 to 4 months, as long as you strictly follow the programme routine, you will soon see evident improvements. Suitable for: Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Urinary stress incontinence. Loss of sensitivity in sexual intercourse. Postpartum. Menopausal symptoms. Prevention of the effects of weakening the pelvic floor. Treatment procedure: Begin treatment by inserting Intimichic Pelvis Health I without any weight into the vagina as if it were a tampon. Intimichic Pelvis Health I is held in place by passive contraction of the pelvic floor muscles or using minimal effort (active contraction). Try to keep it in for 15 min. You should remain standing or moving about during this time, never sitting or at rest. By its own weight, Intimichic Pelvis Health I will start to descend and fall; This will generate a spontaneous reflex contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor. This action ensures a very efficient and specific physical therapy exercise. Continue this routine during as many days as necessary until you can retain this weight in complete comfort. Introduce one ball (included in the pack) into the Intimichic Pelvis Health I, starting with the smallest weight, by opening the protective screw cap, and repeat the same action for 15 minutes per day of moderate activity with Pelvis Health introduced into the vagina. Repeat the routine by progressively increasing the weight of the Intimichic Pelvis Health I until you can retain it comfortably. The time required to complete all the steps depends on each individual case. It is recommended that in parallel with the therapy, you should consult your gynaecologist to confirm how treatment is progressing. You should not exceed the daily therapy time (15 min), as it can cause muscle fatigue. The treatment is completely natural and is not accompanied by any drugs. The material is 100% medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic and phthalate free. Treatment: Intimichic Pelvis Health I weight 15 grams Intimichic Pelvis Health I + 22 mm diameter ball, weight 35 grams Intimichic Pelvis Health I + 18 mm diameter ball, weight 20 grams Intimichic Pelvis Health I + 15 mm diameter ball, weight 10 grams Intimichic Pelvis Health I + 10 mm diameter ball, weight 5 grams What are the symptoms of a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles? Disorders of the pelvic floor usually include the following symptoms: Urinary incontinence: Involuntary loss of urine without control of the filling and emptying of the urinary bladder, sometimes with a strong urge to urinate. Genital prolapse: A decrease in pelvic orgasms below the normal position towards the vagina causing the sensation of a "bulge" at the level of external genitalia and usually accompanied by other disorders in the affected area. Pelvic pain, pain in the bladder or urethra. Alterations and discomfort during sexual intercourse Problem solving: In the event of any difficulty handling or using the INTIMICHIC PELVIC I 2.0 , please contact: Hygiene measures: Intimichic is water resistant and very easy to clean. Use the Intimichic Special Cleaner for disinfection of all areas, also clean with PH neutral soap and warm water. Once finished, store it in the satin INTIMICHIC bag included in the pack.

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