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Because we are all about pleasure with a purpose. We want to bring you an awesome product, but we also want to talk and spark conversation about how many of us were taught that masturbation is wrong and shameful. About the need for pleasure based sex education. About the fact that erectile dysfunction can happen to men of all ages. About the myth that if a person in a relationship masturbates or uses sex toys, it means there's something wrong with their partner or lacking in their sex life. We are inviting you to join us in this process and give us your feedback because we believe that open communication can enhance everyone is sexual health and relationships.

Who We Are

Blewit is a performance training and pleasure product for men with an innovative design that delivers a mind blowingly better masturbation experience. It's also a performance training product that can help you get in touch with your body and increase your sexual stamina. Blewit is our first product launch as a team, but we have more than ten years of experience working in the field of sexual health and wellness. Our goal is not just to create a great product, but also to start an open, honest, and shame-free conversation about masturbation and sexual performance.

improve performance
improved self-confidence
relieve stree
lower risk of prostate cancer
last longer
stay hard
sleep better

quick-flip suction control
non-slip case
designed for any hand
fresh scent, skin-soft inside
easy-clean, rinse and go
easy-dry ventilation

1 in 3 men identify with sexual performance issues

the best way to improve sexual performance is to masturbate in ways that feel more like sex

Pri nákupe nad 40 € Vám objednávku doručíme BEZPLATNE na celom území krajiny do 1 – 2 pracovných dní!

Internetový Sexshop - Erotickashow.sk.


Napíšte váš názor na vami zakúpený produkt a my vás odmeníme zľavovým kupónom v hodnote 15% z nákupu!

Napíšte váš názor na vami zakúpený produkt a my vás odmeníme zľavovým kupónom v hodnote 15% z nákupu!

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